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start up
United Kingdom - Bristol, England
  • 11/06/2024
  • Seed
  • $6,998,667

OnSecurity offers CREST-accredited penetration testing, vulnerability management and threat intelligence to customers globally. We help you find and fix the security issues that modern cybercriminals prey on.


Related People

Conor O.Co Founder

Conor O. United Kingdom - Greater Liverpool Area

Co-founder and head of all things Product @ OnSecurity. IronMan in training (if the back holds up).

I've been working in CyberSecurity since several members of the OnSecurity team were in primary school. :( Switched from blue team to red team before realising I could build an offensive security company that is as easy as possible to work with.

Trying to educate the world about how hackers *actually* target businesses, as opposed to how people *think* hackers target businesses.

Currently working on a project that aims to mitigate cyber attacks before they are launched. Responsible for the overall product/platform strategy at OnSecurity, and still do the odd pentest from time to time!

Lego Technic aficionado. Reluctant owner of two cats.