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Latest Founder Lodge Members

Santiago de los Reyes

Vertus Energy

Funding Rounds

  • $1,200,000.00 - Pre-Seed - 2021 Oct 27

Stevie G.


Funding Rounds

  • $1,330,000 - Pre-Seed - 2022 Jul 06

Jarrar Shah


Funding Rounds

  • $6,000,000 - Pre Series A - 2022 Jul 05

Abdullah Al-Atrash


Funding Rounds

  • $0,000,000.00 - Pre-Seed - 2022 May 27



Funding Rounds

  • $14,000,000 - Series C - 2022 Aug 09

John R Green

Nada Inc.

Funding Rounds

  • $8,100,000 - Unknown - 2022 Aug 03

Mahesh B.

Provus Inc

Funding Rounds

  • $12,000,000 - Series A - 2022 Jul 14

Jeff R.

Scale Computing

Funding Rounds

  • $55,000,000 - Unknown - 2022 Jul 14

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billed annually
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Exchange with stage-specific founders

Choose who you wish to interact with by messaging Founders who went through different fundraising stages in different niches.

Build long-lasting Relationships

As our memberships are yearly you'll have the opportunity to follow-through with different founders you get to meet and see your relationships evolve.

Grow together

As you exchange growth tips, strategies challenges & solutions with each other you will see each other grow through different stages of the startup lifecycle.

Simple Networking

Once you're accepted, you're automatically connected to all founders and you can message anyone. You can use filters for locations, startup stages, etc...


  • What is the Founder Lodge?

    The Founder Lodge is a community created by founders for founders. It was launched with 225 Founder Lodge members that together raised $3.2 Billion. Our goal as a community is to stay connected and openly exchange growth tactics, strategies, mistakes, pitfalls, etc. You will build strong relationships with influential tech leaders across multiple industries and countries.

  • What is expected from me when I become a Founder Lodge Member?

    We do not expect anything from you - except interacting with the lodge members and giving/getting value out of the relationships that you would build here.

  • Is it for me/what's the value?

    Our lodge members raised more than $3.2 billion in the past couple of months. You would be pre-connected with Founders that were either just in the news, raised a round or got approved via our vetting process - you can imagine what value this can provide to the community. As a Founder Lodge member, you get to interact with any founders on the platform, as we’re all here for the same goal: Exchange valuable insights in order to grow faster, avoid very costly mistakes and discuss potential strategies on all levels of business.

  • Does it cost anything?

    Yes - You’ve got multiple choices:
    You can opt for a paid trial to see if this is a fit for you.
    You can also decide how much to commit monthly (Paid Yearly)
    Or you can go with our recommended monthly commitment price (Paid Yearly)

  • Is there a trial?

    Yes, it's a paid trial to avoid non-serious applicants - you can try it out for 30 days and then decide if you wish to get committed for 1 year.

  • What is the pledge?

    You can find the pledge here: Click Here
    It is the simple rules that we abide by.

  • Why must I commit to 1 year?

    Solid, long lasting relationships won't be built in a few days or weeks. We're only looking for members that truly want to develop quality relationships with other amazing founder lodge members.

  • Who can get in?

    If you’re a founder of a company that received capital, has employees or revenue, you can apply. Our staff will then review your application and see if you’re a fit for the Founder Lodge community.

  • How do I sign up?

    Simply fill out the application in our memberships page.

  • Will I be charged if you refuse my application?

    No, we only charge your payment method when/if the application is approved.

  • What about platform security?

    We encrypt all messages/passwords

  • Who created the Founder Lodge?

    The Founder Lodge was created by a founder that also raised capital, manages 40+ employees across 2 startups and is building a startup in the HR industry. You can find him on the platform.

  • Is this a non-profit?

    No, just like your startup, it’s a for profit business. Our aim is to become a very comfortable platform for Founders to help each other out - We need to develop new features and our team needs to be paid just like yours, we hope you understand.

We value commitment.

The Founder Lodge is for Founders only. No Sales people or