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Nava Benefits

start up
United States - New York
  • 08/06/2022
  • Series B
  • $40,000,000

A modern benefits brokerage on a mission to fix healthcare, one employee benefits plan at a time.

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Brandon WeberCo Founder

Brandon Weber United States - New York, New York

I'm the co-founder and CEO at Nava. We're on a mission to provide access to better healthcare at lower prices for all Americans by modernizing the benefits brokerage industry.

We've partnered on this with Thrive Capital, the investors behind transformative healthcare companies like Cedar, Oscar and Capsule, and category defining companies like Slack and Instagram.

Prior to Nava, I co-founded VTS, a company that set out to modernize the commercial real estate marketplace. Today over half of all office buildings in the United States run on the VTS platform and the company has been consistently ranked as one of the best place to work in New York City.

When I need a recharge you'll find me in the mountains or the ocean. PS. I can almost always be convinced to take a meeting on a bike, trail, ski lift or surfboard.