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start up
United States - Los Altos, California
  • 15/05/2024
  • Seed
  • $6,200,000

ChainML is an AI research and development company dedicated to shaping a better future powered by AI agents.

We are the creators of Council Analytics, a generative AI-powered platform for conversational analytics.

Council Analytics enables the effortless and secure integration of talk-to-data capabilities into software products via API.

Transform end user experiences by providing a conversational UI for data analytics and mission-critical insights!

Council Analytics builds upon our open-source Council framework for production-grade AI agents.

Related People

Ron BodkinFounder

Ron Bodkin United States - Los Altos, California

• Executive with experience starting businesses, building organizations, scaling businesses with rapid growth, and establishing strategic partnerships
• Emphasis on culture of collaboration, accountability and results
• Technology expert with proven track record of tracking emerging technologies, identifying trends early and leveraging to create scalable fast growth businesses
• Proven experience leading and building high performance teams
• Focused on data science and Big Data analytics since 2007 with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and GPU computation
• Accomplished at public speaking and writing for marketing and working with customers to develop new ideas and launch offerings

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, data science, analytics, data mining and machine learning, large scale data processing, metrics-driven management, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, leading high performance teams, agile development, customer development, lean startup, software architecture, OO design, adopting leading edge technologies to achieve differentiation, business solutions, professional services, customer solutions, enterprise sales.