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start up
United Kingdom - London
  • 10/11/2022
  • Unknown
  • $2,400,000

As Faradai, we are building the future internet of energy, utilising cloud, big data, AI & IoT technologies. We are a London-based fast growing technology company, having 4 different country offices all around EMEA region.

We are digitising the overall energy & sustainability value chain for enterprise companies. With more than 200 existing international enterprise clients such as IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Heineken, Shell, Zara, BNP Paribas, Gap, Banana Republic, ISS, Vodafone, PepsiCo in 15 countries, we have a strong technology offering and a top-notch product culture. We are continuously innovating with disruptive technologies in order to provide a bigger value proposition to our customers and partners with our solutions.

We also provide the following benefits;
Reduce Carbon footprint– up to 20%
- Reduce energy usage and bills – up to 15%
- Increase operational efficiency – up to 60%
- Reduce OPEX and prioritize CAPEX
- Comply with frameworks and disclosures (ISO, UN SDGs, GRI, CDP etc.)

We are working for increasing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. 🌱

For more information visit our website

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Sahin CaglayanCo Founder

Sahin Caglayan United Kingdom - London, England,

Faradai provides enterprise software to measure, analyze & reduce energy costs & carbon emissions.
We digitize and accelerate your net zero journey with the power of data and AI powered analytics!

''Sustainability is the new Digital''
''AI is the new Electricity''
'Energy is the new Internet''