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start up
United States - Los Angeles, California
  • 31/01/2022
  • Series A
  • $14,500,000

Open is a mindfulness studio for everyone. A place to come to your senses — meditation, music, breathwork and movement awaken body and mind to bring you to the present moment.

Related People

Manoj DiasCo Founder

Manoj Dias United States - Los Angeles, California

Through mindfulness & meditation, Manoj has helped thousands of people around the globe trade mania for pause, so that they can live fearlessly in honor of a happier, more meaningful life.
​​In 2015, he co-founded A—SPACE, Australia’s first multidisciplinary drop-in meditation studio with a special focus on creating access for BIPOC and youth. Through his philanthropic work with lululemon he has supported trauma-informed therapeutic programs for refugees in Melbourne, social justice movements in Oakland, and mindfulness scholarships in New York City. Last year his debut book, “Still Together” was released to critical acclaim.
​​Manoj is currently a co-founder of Open, a modern mindfulness studio merging technology, culture, cinematography, and proven practices to create community and presence.
​​Whether he’s teaching through words or the silence in between them, Manoj’s great love for Buddhist wisdom and contemporary science is present in every encounter.