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start up
United Kingdom - London, England
  • 16/05/2023
  • Series A
  • $6,000,000

Oneday is a new EdTech platform challenging the UK’s traditional higher education industry, by creating a formal education system around entrepreneurship.

Co-founded by Ranbir Arora and Taras Polik, Oneday recognises the need for a new type of education as more and more people turn to entrepreneurship, self-employment, and the creator economy instead of corporate jobs.

Oneday’s mission is to rebuild education for the 21st century - as knowledge work jobs are increasingly being taken over by AI, making memorisation of facts and writing essays less relevant. Instead, Oneday focuses on providing practical, real-world experience that prepares budding entrepreneurs for the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape.

So far, over 2,000 students have built their businesses with Oneday and the company has raised £8.25 million with support from Ananda Impact Ventures, Outward VC, Flint Capital, Sparkmind.vc, and Brighteye Ventures, Europe’s largest vertical Ed-tech fund.

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Ranbir AroraCo Founder

Ranbir Arora United Kingdom - London, England

Brought up in Feltham, a small town in London.

I like to build non-consensus products in strange markets.
Solely focussed on building & training of young entrepreneurial talent.

I have a dream to help end world hunger by the time I die. Let's get busy.