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Funding Round Profile

LiLz Inc.

start up
Japan - Ginowan-city., Okinawa
  • 28/06/2023
  • Unknown
  • $4,100,000

LiLz aims to make fieldwork maintenance easier through a fusion of IoT and machine learning. Our flagship system, LiLz Gauge, automates daily visual inspections in locations with no electricity or Wi-Fi access. By using cameras that feature built-in LTE connectivity and 3 years of battery life, as well as the cloud-based system that uses AI algorithms to assess measurements of target gauges captured in images, LiLz Gauge dramatically reduces the time and labor required for visual inspections.

Related People

Keigo OnishiFounder

Keigo Onishi Japan - Okinawa, Okinawa

LiLz Inc. CEO,

We provide an LTE camera with 3 years of battery life per charge and an AI system for remote inspections named LiLz Gauge. Mass production of IoT camera "LiLz Cam" with ultra-low power consumption started.
CEATEC AWARD 2019 Total Solution Division Grand Prix.
JEITA 2021 Venture award.

MEng, 10+years of experience in embedded software engineering for the GUI platform and portable music player and IC recorder, etc.
10+ years of experience in product management of multiple fields such as digital consumer electronics, embedded development, web application, IoT / AI. Therefore, I can communicate with engineers of all roles such as mechanical engineer, electric engineer, firmware engineer, Web engineer, machine learning researcher, product designer, UI designer.