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start up
United States - San Francisco, California
  • 08/09/2023
  • Series B
  • $200,000,000

We build AI systems that can reason, in order to enable AI agents that can accomplish larger goals and safely work for us in the real world. To do this, we train foundation models optimized for reasoning. On top of our models, we prototype agents to accelerate our own work, seriously using them in order to shed light on how to improve the underlying model capabilities, as well as the interaction design for agents.

We aim to rekindle the dream of the *personal* computer—for computers to be truly intelligent tools that empower us, giving us freedom, dignity, and agency to do the things we love.

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Kanjun QiuCo Founder

Kanjun Qiu United States - San Francisco, California

Lovely to meet you! I don't check InMail. Please find me on Twitter instead: https://twitter.com/kanjun

Personal website: https://kanjun.me/