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Humata Health

start up
United States - Winter Park, FL
  • 21/06/2024
  • Unknown
  • $25,000,000

Solving Prior Authorization on Both Sides of the Fax Machine:

Humata is revolutionizing Prior Authorization and Utilization Management with cutting-edge AI and automation. Our commitment is to deliver a seamless, efficient, and automated workflow for healthcare providers and payers.

At Humata, we transcend traditional automation, addressing the complexities of prior authorizations with a powerful blend of AI, automation, and unparalleled payer connectivity. This transformative approach revolutionizes the entire end-to-end experience, setting a new standard for the prior authorization and utilization management process.

Humata's mission for providers and payers is to make 90% of PA touchless, enable processing to be completed in <2 minutes when human intervention is required, and bring complete transparency transparent for patients throughout the process.

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Jeremy Friese, MDFounder

Jeremy Friese, MD United States - Winter Park, Florida

Dr. Jeremy Friese is a physician executive with a demonstrated passion for improving healthcare, first as a physician executive at Mayo Clinic and now as a serial entrepreneur, investor and board member.

Jeremy earned his MD at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and his MBA at Harvard Business School.