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start up
United States - San Francisco, CA
  • 29/06/2023
  • Series A
  • $12,100,000

Timely access to multi-site, real-world data is the major barrier to achieving the promise of healthcare AI. BeeKeeperAI changes the data access conversation by enabling secure collaborations.

BeeKeeperAI utilizes privacy-preserving analytics applied to multi-institutional sources of protected data in a confidential computing environment. This allows the real-world data to never leave the data steward's protection and ensures the algorithm IP is never exposed.

Within our hive no one sees anything, not even BeeKeeperAI!

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Michael Blum, MDFounder

Michael Blum, MD United States - San Francisco, California,

Visionary leader and entrepreneur in healthcare technology. NYU and Yale-trained practicing cardiologist. Pioneering zero-trust and confidential computing to accelerate AI development and improve health and healthcare. "Improving" golfer.