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start up
France - Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
  • 19/07/2023
  • Seed
  • $10,097,000

Aviwell operates at the convergence of DIGITAL & LIFE SCIENCES. Our mission is to develop natural and sustainable solutions to improve animal health to better nourish and provide FOOD SECURITY to the nearly 8 billion people on our planet ... And to do so a fraction of the cost. We are a deep-tech startup with our HQ in Toulouse, France and with sales offices in Boston, USA.

The company is based on three disruptive assets:
• Proprietary biostatistical algorithms,
• Extensive microbiology and physiology expertise, and
• Native and Adaptive Biomimicry

When combined, we are able to develop revolutionary feed solutions for farmers that significantly improve animal growth and health. Aviwell aims to market these unique products on a global market.

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Chandra Mouli RamaniFounder

Chandra Mouli Ramani United States - Greater Boston

Over his career, Mouli has held several senior leadership positions – ranging from early stage startups to large multi-national Fortune 500 companies. Mouli has served/ serves on the executive leadership teams of Horsepower Technologies Inc. (an early-stage medical device company preparing a 2017 commercial launch), Lilliputian Systems Inc. (a consumer electronics startup that raised in excess of $140M and was recently acquired) and Polychromix (an optical subsystems and instrumentation device company that raised over $30M and was acquired by Thermo Fischer Scientific), and Jasmine Networks (a telecommunications company that raised in excess of $60M who IP was licensed to technology partners.) In addition to his startup experience, Mouli has also served on the executive team as Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing in Nortel Networks’ US$10B Optical Networks division. Additionally, he served as Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Partnerships and Business Development at NextWorth Solutions. Mouli also spends time working with a number of Boston area startups as an advisor and consultant.

Mouli has been instrumental in raising debt and equity capital and has helped refine and implement complex software and hardware technologies into products that have achieved noteworthy market success. He has commercialized several products ranging from consumer electronics, industrial instrumentation, medical devices, SaaS solutions, communication networks, and optical products in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia. Mouli has closed contracts worth over US$2B throughout the globe and has led several M&A transactions. He has helped raise over US$250M in venture financing from tier 1 venture capital funds over the course of his career and advises a number of Boston area venture capital and angel groups. He has also worked closely the ITU to integrate new technologies into standards, and possesses a relevant software patent in this area.