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Attovia Therapeutics

start up
United States - Fremont, California
  • 14/05/2024
  • Series B
  • $105,000,000

Attovia is creating a pipeline of biotherapeutics with an initial focus on immune-mediated disease and oncology. We leverage ATTOBODY, a novel biologics platform, to generate small format biparatopic binders that unlock the spatial aspect of target engagement.

The biparatopic binding mode of ATTOBODIES translates to picomolar affinity with glue-like off-rates, exquisite specificity, and accelerated target internalization. Their small format and modularity offer fast tissue penetration, ease of engineering into bispecifics, and tunable half-life from hours to weeks. Collectively, these properties of ATTOBODIES expand the addressable target and epitope universe across disease areas and can offer stronger efficacy, faster speed to response, and an improved safety profile compared to traditional approaches.

By utilizing our ATTOBODY technology, we will develop novel medicines that target unaddressed elements of disease, as well as offer better efficacy and tolerability. We envision a world where no patient is left behind.

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