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Plural United States - New York, NY

1 Disclosed Funding Rounds $6,000,000
4 Participating Investments

Plural makes it easy for companies to access and deploy the best open source solutions. Our vision is to establish a more direct relationship between enterprise developers and open source mai

Capital Raised

Date Round Raised Participating Investors
March, 15 ,2022 Seed $6,000,000

Invested In

Company Date Round Raised
  Scaler(US) July, 10 ,2024 Series A $10,000,000
  Robin AI February, 27 ,2023 Unknown $10,500,000
  Proxima Fusion May, 31 ,2023 Pre-Seed $7,479,000
  Scaler(US) July, 10 ,2024 Series A $10,000,000