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GUY EILON London Area, , United kingdom

There is no problem without a solution, just a need for creative thinking. As an Executive Sales Leader, I’m absolutely passionate about determining propositions that speak directly to, and address, customer pain points. Fortunate to be able to leverage a strong background in business analysis, I can quickly and thoroughly comprehend issues in order to identify true value add for customers, creating solutions that not only remediate and mitigate risk, but also deliver previously un-thought of, and highly tangible, benefits.

With truly global experience, I’ve been highly successful in delivering key mandates spanning diverse regional markets, across mature countries such as the US and Australia and new markets such as Eastern Europe & Mediterranean. My ability to stay relevant, forward focused and to understand current and future issues within industries is a key strength, enabling me to articulate, communicate and secure buy-in whilst creating long-standing partnerships.

My belief is that people buy people not companies. Success revolves around how well a company supports its team. I build positively competitive cultures. I hold high expectations, and this, coupled with a genuine investment in helping people to do their job better, means I create loyal, collaborative team environments that empower people to perform at their best, delivering exceptional client service. I am a hands-on, close-up leader – not a leader from afar. If I’m in an office, I’m no good – I need to be on the ground to stay connected.

I network regularly and welcome new connections within the business community. Should you wish to get in contact, here are my contact details:

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Equalum's leading end-to-end, continuous data integration platform transforms, moves and integrates your data from anywhere, in any format, in real-time. Data across the organization is captured with reliability, accuracy and speed from a single pane of glass. Eliminate data silos as you replicate, stream or batch ETL your data easily using Equalum's drag and drop, no-code UI. The platform's best in class Change Data Capture capabilities and extensive CDC library provide next-gen, real-time stream processing. Equalum offers on-prem, SaaS or hybrid deployment in addition to end to end monitoring and alerting for immediate system health diagnostics.

• Equalum can be deployed in less than an hour, with your first use case fully implemented.
• Leverage Kafka and Spark under the hood, built into the platform engine fully configured. No code required.
• Bulk replicate data, build new pipelines and flows or change existing operations with a few clicks.
• Equalum works easily with existing technology to enhance performance, or can tackle all of your data integration needs as a standalone solution.
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerate time to value (TTV) with one modern, best in class solution vs many.

With Equalum, teams deliver critical business data across their organizations with more speed, reliability and accuracy than ever before. Don't work for your data. Let your data work for you.

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    • $14,000,000 - Series C - 2022 Aug 09