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start up
Germany - Berlin
  • 14/05/2024
  • Pre-Seed
  • $1,403,746

Hexafarms is an Ag-Tech Startup that develops software for indoor commercial food production. Our SaaS harvests data and leverages AI to monitor, control, and optimize greenhouses and vertical indoor farms in real-time. Our vision is to empower a farms across the globe to run as efficiently as possible.

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David AhmedFounder

David Ahmed Germany - Berlin, Berlin

Computer scientist and software engineer obsessed with hacking plant biology 🧎 at a global scale 🌎 to make the 21st century greener 🍀 and cooler 😎 (pun intentended).

I work at @hexafarms and get to build algorithms and software that make food production more efficient.

In my free time, always available and happy to help you debug your plant ☘ïļðŸŠī issues.