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start up
United States - Boca Raton, Florida
  • 19/04/2024
  • Series A
  • $10,600,000

dataplor is the gold standard for global Point of Interest (POI) data, providing accurate, reliable, and dynamic data sets updated on a near-real-time basis. Its unique ability to offer such updates sets it apart from other providers, making it ideal for businesses operating globally.

Trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies, dataplor enables data-driven decisions, serving as a catalyst for growth by offering the most comprehensive and reliable places data. With over 200 Million POI points and coverage of over 200 countries and territories, dataplor has the most extensive coverage in the market. Globally scaled, dynamically updated, and human-reviewed, dataplor’s integration of thousands of sources allows businesses to make better-informed decisions about location intelligence.

dataplor is U.S. based and venture-backed by leading investment firms.


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Geoff MichenerFounder

Geoff Michener United States - ND

As a big data entrepreneur and former nuclear counterterrorism professional, Geoff brings over 20 years of experience in addressing global and governmental challenges. Geoff excels in leading teams to innovate and transform outdated industries through cutting edge products.

Geoff specializes in geospatial data and enterprise sales. He is skilled in go-to-market strategies and fundraising. His intelligence expertise covers OSINT, GEOINT and HUMINT. Geoff also has a background in red team counterterrorism.

Outside the work realm, Geoff is passionate about American Indian history, linguistics, and enjoys hunting, golf, fishing, water sports, travel, and spending quality time with family.