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start up
United States - San Francisco
  • 17/05/2024
  • Pre-Seed
  • $1,700,000

3rd party scripts have unlimited reign in the browser of your users. We change that. Monitoring, Securing & Optimizing 3rd party scripts.

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Simon WijckmansFounder

Simon Wijckmans United Kingdom - London, England

With over seven years of experience in product management, cloud solutions, and developer experience, I am a passionate and driven professional who strives to create positive impact on a global scale by enabling people with technology. I am currently a senior product manager at Vercel, a leading platform for front-end developers and creators.

In this role, I advocate for the needs of enterprise customers and growing customers, from more advanced compliance needs to expanding business internationally. I am also a co-founder of London Dev, a community initiative that organizes free events for the London developer community, covering a broad range of topics from distributed infrastructure to TypeScript. My goal is to make knowledge and a supportive network of people accessible to all.

Read my full resume here: https://www.simonwijckmans.com/resume