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start up
Norway - Trondheim, Trøndelag
  • 06/03/2023
  • Seed
  • $1,915,000

Zeabuz provides Autonomy as a Service to urban ferry operators, cutting their opex and thus enabling radically new waterborne, scalable and green mobility solutions.

We're a mix of serial entrepreneurs and world-leading autonomy experts, and in position to lead the emergence of autonomous urban waterborne mobility.

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Erik DyrkorenFounder

Erik Dyrkoren Norway - Trondheim, Trøndelag

Serial entrepreneur and loving the ocean for all its opportunities, while being concerned about how we misuse it.
Founded and was five years CEO Blueye Robotics to enable people to explore the oceans, learn to love them, and hence take better care of them. The Blueye team continues that journey with great success!
Now co-founder and CEO of the autonomous urban ferry company, Zeabuz, which will enable zero-emission 24/7 low-cost urban waterborne mobility globally.

An ocean of opportunities all around us.

While searching for the quest of my life, I have managed logistics processes for the International Space Station, drilled for oil in Kazakhstan, and coordinated national research strategies and programs for the outstanding maritime industry in Norway.

One of my greatest professional experiences has been to coordinate big projects with large groups of people, often with conflicting agendas, while ensuring a collaborative working environment. This sums up much of my entrepreneurial skills, really - getting good people together to get things done!

As Blueye's Founder and CEO, I was particularly focused on creating an attractive company for both employees, investors, and customers through an emphasis on user experience in product design, building a strong company brand, and creating a bold innovation culture. The Vision of making the oceans available through user-friendly technology was strong all the way. In November 2019 I left Blueye Robotics to give the helm to the highly professional team I have built since the beginning in June 2015.

In April 2020 I joined the Zeabuz founding team as their CEO to explore how decades of world-leading research on marine autonomous systems at NTNU in Trondheim can be commercialized as small, zero-emission, urban ferries. www.zeabuz.com