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Funding Round Profile

Terragia Biofuel

start up
United States - Hanover, NH
  • 29/03/2024
  • Seed
  • $6,000,000

Technology to drive the next generation of biofuels

Terragia is focused on developing biological conversion systems based on engineered bacteria which convert non-food cellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals. We seek to use thermophilic bacteria to process biomass without added enzymes and with little or no pretreatment. Terragia leverages years of research and unique technology to bring the world’s most economically feasible biofuels.

Thermophilic bacteria and their enzymes have superior capability to solubilize lignocellulose as compared to industry-standard fungal cellulase. By taking full advantage of this capability combined with innovative processing strategies, Terragia foresees dramatic reduction in the cost of lignocellulose conversion using an approach we call “C-CBP.”

Enabled by recent advances in genetic engineering, Terragia starts with thermophilic microorganisms representative of nature’s best hemicellulose and cellulose fermenters, and develops strains that produce desired products well. A growing body of research suggests that the Terragia approach has some substantial inherent advantages and is likely to be the most cost effective for some important applications. In particular, by taking advantage of the superior feedstock-utilizing capability of thermophiles, it is possible to envision biomass processing with no added enzymes and with little or no pretreatment, thus avoiding the two principle impediments to cost-effective processing today.

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Kristin BriefFounder

Kristin Brief United States - Boston, Massachusetts

Entrepreneurial general manager, business strategist, and thought leader experienced in growing early-stage companies, introducing disruptive technologies to market, and developing strategic go-to-market plans across customer segments. Extensive experience across a diversity of functions including business and partnership development, finance, capital planning, marketing, operations and human resources. Over 15 years in energy industry and technology businesses with extensive knowledge about clean energy technologies, the power industry, wholesale electricity markets, and electric utility regulation. Passionate about building and developing high-performing teams. Regular presenter at industry conferences.

Strengths include:

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Partnership & Business Development | Marketing
Fundraising | Capital Planning | Financial Forecasting & Budgeting | Financial Analysis
Strategic & Operational Planning | Strategy Execution | Organizational Development
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