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start up
United Kingdom - Cambridge
  • 02/04/2024
  • Unknown
  • $3,200,000

Sparxell develops the next generation of colours and effects by providing the world's first performance colourant from plant that is inspired by nature. Spinning out from the University of Cambridge after years of research on photonics and structural colours obtained from plant-based cellulose, our mission is to eliminate toxic chemicals from colouration and provide businesses with sustainable, low-carbon and performant alternatives to traditional coloured materials. These include fine powders, pearls and glitter, films, foils and ribbons as well as special formats like sequins.
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Benjamin DroguetFounder

Benjamin Droguet United Kingdom - Cambridge, England

Hi there,

Over the past years, I developed a more sustainable way to generate colours as part of the Bio-Inspired Photonics group at the University of Cambridge. 🌈 I am now taking this development forward through Sparxell.✨

Happy to know more and help me in this endeavour? Please reach out! 📬