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Skyline Robotics

start up
Israel - Tel Aviv
  • 08/08/2023
  • Unknown
  • $3,350,000

Giving industrial robots senses like sight, hearing, touch and a brain, we are enabling the automation of multiple service sectors.

Starting with window cleaning, we are automating all real estate maintenance work at heights. As buildings grow taller, more complex and valuable, there is an increasing need to ensure that façades are properly maintained. Our robots learn the building, detecting the complex architecture to create the most effective cleaning path.

Related People

Michael BrownFounder

Michael Brown United States - New York City Metropolitan Area

Skyline is a venture-backed AI, robotics, and industrial automation at-heights company. Skyline's first product, OZMO, focuses on industrial, high-rise window cleaning. Leveraging deep tech, OZMO is capable of making our partners more efficient while saving lives and taking humans out of high-risk situations.

Skyline's HQ is located in Tel Aviv, with an office in NYC. Skyline has partnerships in both Israel and the USA and is backed by world-class investors from institutional to strategic profiles.