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start up
United States - Palo Alto, California
  • 29/03/2024
  • Series B
  • $30,000,000

Skyflow is a data privacy vault, delivered as a simple and elegant API.

Our founders wanted to radically transform how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare and other personal data — the data that powers the digital economy. Inspired by the data vaults that leaders like Apple and Netflix built to handle customer data, our vision was to deliver the same kind of data privacy vault as a simple and elegant API, something any developer could easily build into their application, the same way they use Stripe, Twilio, or Okta.

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Anshu SharmaCo Founder

Anshu Sharma United States - Mountain View, California

Love building new products and taking them from whiteboard ideas to $100 million in revenue.
Salesforce platform product leader when we went from $1M to $300M in ARR (now $2B+)
Investor in Nutanix, Copper CRM, Workato, Algolia, RedLock and many more.
Started Prekari Labs to play with ideas and incubate. Co-founded Suki AI for health, and Clearedin AI for security.