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start up
Israel - Tel Aviv
  • 29/03/2023
  • Seed
  • $10,000,000

Reeco is transforming the way hotels purchase supplies by introducing the first and only marketplace that brings together hotels and all their suppliers in one convenient platform. From food and beverage to cleaning supplies, Reeco has everything hotels need to run smoothly, all on one bill. We've made the purchasing process easy and user-friendly, like shopping online, and receiving orders is just as simple with our tablet-based system. With Reeco, hotels can save time and money - cutting ordering and receiving time by 80% and spending up to 19% less on each order, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. Plus, Reeco provides valuable insights into purchasing habits and eliminates the need for manual accounting, making operations run more efficiently.


Related People

Henrik ShimonyCo Founder

Henrik Shimony Israel - Tel Aviv District

As a child, I spent my time at our hotel's swimming pools selling popsicles to guests from all over the world. The hotel was my first home. And over the years, hospitality became an intrinsic part of who I am.
My responsibilities at the family business increased and soon, I found myself evolving through every role possible. From kitchen to housekeeping management, purchasing, and specializing in food and beverage I eventually became the CEO of the hotel. However, I noticed one flaw. While the hotels were becoming significantly beautiful on the outside, their internal operations were old-fashioned and inefficient.

And so, I decided to travel away from "home" on a mission to make procurement, the most important department more technological. As Reeco grows and expands by the day, my motto remains to travel this journey of life with a smile.