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Rad AI

start up
United States - San Francisco, California
  • 09/05/2024
  • Series B
  • $50,000,000

Rad AI's mission is to empower physicians with AI — saving physicians time, reducing burnout, and improving the quality of patient care.

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Doktor GursonCo Founder

Doktor Gurson United States - San Francisco Bay Area

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation, I have a track record of starting successful ventures. My entrepreneurial journey began in my teenage years, and since then I have been constantly seeking new opportunities to turn my ideas into reality. The thrill of turning a concept into a thriving business is a feeling like no other, and the journey of discovery along the way is priceless.

In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I have a strong interest in investing in promising companies and providing strategic guidance to help them reach their full potential. I have a sharp eye for identifying promising ventures and a wealth of experience that I can bring to the table to help these companies succeed. Whether it's through mentorship, strategic advice, or a hands-on approach, I am always eager to help young companies achieve their goals and make a real impact in the world.

I believe that investing in and advising young companies is a way to give back to the entrepreneurial community and help the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. By sharing my experiences and knowledge, I aim to support the growth of innovative companies and help shape the future of the tech industry.