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start up
United Kingdom - London, England
  • 09/07/2024
  • Pre-Seed
  • $640,315

PreActiv is an innovative digital platform that harnesses technology to create dynamic, individualised prehabilitation programmes to prepare patients for surgery. We optimise patients by improving their cardiovascular fitness and strength, and provide nutrition, lifestyle and psychological support. By embracing technology it reduces the reliance on healthcare professional time and so is the most cost-effective and realistic method to meet recent NHS England guidance on patient optimisation.

Related People

Dr Rebecca AllamCo Founder

Dr Rebecca Allam United Kingdom - ND

I am the co-founders and CEO of PreActiv and have a background as an NHS haematology doctor. At PreActiv, we have created an innovative platform, harnessing technology to create individualised prehabilitation programmes for preoperative patients. Using patient data, we create dynamic courses that fit patient's needs and adapt based on their progress. PreActiv empowers patients to improve their treatment outcomes as well as helping the NHS become more financially sustainable.

Alec and I are passionate about championing health and fitness in the older population, particularly in those underserved by technology. We want to enable people to take control of their health in anticipation of surgery by widening access to effective, affordable prehabilitation.

Please get in contact if you share our vision, follow us on LinkedIn @PreActiv or visit our website on www.preactiv.co.uk!