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start up
United States - San Francisco
  • 26/02/2024
  • Series A
  • $12,000,000

We believe that every patient deserves the chance to participate in a clinical trial if it could help them.

Unfortunately, today, most patients are structurally shut out from the clinical trial system. They do not have access to academic research hospitals so they’re left struggling to navigate an opaque system filled with medical jargon and middle-men.

At the same time, researchers are struggling to find patients – roughly 86% of all clinical trials are delayed while trying to recruit enough participants.

This is why we built Power. To increase access by empowering all patients.

Power is the most patient-friendly platform for clinical trials. We are making it easy for all patients to discover promising clinical trials and get in touch with the researchers directly.

And in the process of doing this, we are unblocking one of the biggest bottlenecks in medical innovation.

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Brandon LiCo Founder

Brandon Li United States - San Francisco, California

I’m building Power (withpower.com).

We help patients connect directly with leading medical researchers. We’re calling it a Modern Clinical Trial Marketplace.

My background is in building technology products and businesses that remove friction for real people as they navigate traditionally opaque industries.

I'm happiest somewhere between product, go-to-market, and scaling teams as a business grows. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat clinical trials, marketplaces, or startups.