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start up
Italy - Milano
  • 17/10/2023
  • Unknown
  • $2,108,000

Zakeke empowers brands and retailers to offer their customers live product personalization and 3D / AR View. Zakeke easily integrates Visual Commerce Solutions online and offline to let brands engage their customers with rich and interactive "design-your-own"​ experience.

People are different and have unique tastes. As customers, they want to play a primary role in designing the products they use, configuring them according to their needs and tastes. Merchants are discovering the value of letting their customers create their own unique products and are taking personalization a big step forward into mass customization. Zakeke enables merchants to meet the increasing demand for customized products.

Cloud-based, cross-platform and multi-lingual to fit any store, anywhere, Zakeke is the ultimate professional Visual Commerce platform.

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Angelo ColettaCo Founder

Angelo Coletta Italy - Milan, Lombardy

Hi, thanks for spending your time reading my bio.

I’ve been working since I was 14 y.o.

I’ve always combined study and work to earn a living.

But since the adolescence I knew that my future was entrepreneurship.

At 24 y.o. I finally decided to take control of my destiny.

I wanted to create something mine.

I abandoned the academic path and I followed my real passion.

These are four of my first achievements:

In 1997 I founded my first company specialized in online marketing which led me to work with Radio Kiss Kiss and Technogym.

In 2000 I developed a system integrator.

In 2005 I founded a ticketing service company which became the first TicketOne’s competitor becoming the second player in Italy.

In 2015 I opened 18months.it, a startup in the cinema ticketing industry.

At the time the turnover was 40k€. Now it is the second player in Italy.

In these last ten years I have tried to experience all the possible paths that I could follow as an entrepreneur.

This incredible passion for entrepreneurship and innovation led me to invest in a variety of startups.

I am currently the Italian Startup president.

Now I’m focusing on my latest creation, Zakeke.

It is a Saas company which permits e-commerce's customers to personalize their items before the purchase.

I've prepared the case study that explains, step by step all the process that helped me to achieve 35k orders on my customer's ecommerce.

You can download it now,for free clicking on this link > http://bit.ly/2vAN25l

If you just want to chat about it send me a message, I will be glad to talk with you!