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start up
United States - San Francisco
  • 13/11/2023
  • Seed
  • $4,700,000

PostgresML is a GPU-powered AI application database that cuts the complexity from AI so you can get your app to market faster. Build chatbots, search engines, forecasting apps and more with the latest NLP, LLM and ML models using the simplicity and power of SQL.

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Montana LowFounder

Montana Low United States - San Francisco, California

I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, wired a lumberyard to host my first server, and moved to the West Coast 20 years ago. I’m lucky to enjoy solving complex problems. I start from first principles to make sure I can finish with quality. I’ve been privileged to know people who’ve taught me far more than I could have learned on my own. Now I'm building a company of people who also pursue interesting things in life.