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Okra Solar

start up
Australia - Sydney, New South Wales
  • 05/09/2023
  • Series A
  • $12,000,000

Times are changing for the 770 million people living without clean, reliable access to power.

We are an Australian technology startup that works with local utilities to transform #offgrid communities into energy abundant #meshgrids. Connecting households together using smart distribution techniques makes energy more reliable and up to 10x cheaper than grid extension or AC micro-grids.

Our plug & play #IoT controller, aka. the Okra "Pod"​, uses machine learning and remote monitoring to ensure power is efficiently distributed throughout a network of solar households. Our cloud software provides grid owners with real-time data so they know when and how networks should be scaled.

Our mission is to work with investors, regulators, and fellow tech companies to advance rapid #electrification around the world so that everyone has reliable access to productive power by 2025.

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Afnan HannanCo Founder

Afnan Hannan Portugal - Porto

Love turning ideas into reality - background in mobile, IoT, renewable energy, energy efficiency and an obsession for using tech to improve access to opportunities. I live for the thrill of working with passionate people who love to have fun while smashing out some of the biggest problems that challenge humanity.