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start up
Nigeria - Ilupeju, Lagos
  • 07/09/2022
  • Seed
  • $13,000,000

NOWNOW is a Fintech platform that allows users to send and receive money, purchase airtime and pay bills with ease. We are the bridge to enabling the unbanked and fostering the efforts of financial inclusion.

NOWNOW has always worked relentlessly to carefully create for its consumers a dynamic ecosystem of experiences within and beyond mobility. We focus on solving your everyday challenges by harnessing the one device we all carry: our mobile phones!

We are on a mission to create new possibilities by making technology available to masses in Nigeria. A mission to empower each one of us!

Related People

Sahir BerryFounder

Sahir Berry United Kingdom - London, England,

Born and Brought up in Nigeria, I have always had a vision to create businesses that have a social impact on our community. Both the Nigerian youth and the firebrand women of our country are its discernible strengths, however they are the most underutilized superpowers today. I believe that we can transform the world and lift the next billion people out of extreme poverty by bringing both these segments of population into the fold of financial inclusion.

My work as the CEO of NowNow digital systems is dedicated to providing the underbanked and unbanked population an access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs – transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance – delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. NowNow’s digital wallet is a first step toward broader financial inclusion since a transaction account allows people to store money, and send and receive payments. With our continuous addition of new features on the platform, NowNow serves as a gateway to various other financial services!

To enhance the penetration of an all-inclusive digital and Financial ecosystem, I also founded AfriOne Ltd. Which specializes in the manufacturing of all kinds of mobile devices in Nigeria and now is expanding its footprint in Equitorial Guinea, Angola and other African nations. AfriOne has been instrumental in strengthening the technology, employment and manufacturing capabilities of several communities in Africa.