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Neysa Networks Pvt. Ltd.

start up
India - Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 10/04/2024
  • Seed
  • $20,000,000

Neysa is committed to unleashing the power of AI for the enterprise. We provide Gen-AI platforms & services that allow our clients to efficiently harness the potential of AI/ML for their business users and end-clients.


Good tools are defined by their user-friendly design, facilitating fast and efficient task completion while minimizing disruptions. They are inherently intuitive, allowing users to achieve a high level of proficiency without requiring specialized training.

Moreover, with the integration of AI, these tools can potentially provide additional assistance and support, and possibly take over when the human is not in the loop.

After enduring decades of escalating challenges, interoperability nightmares, inept field technicians, and countless sleep-deprived calls, we believe the time has come for a change.

Neysa was founded with a clear purpose: to develop the ultimate tool tailored specifically to meet the needs of engineers.

Related People

Sharad SanghiFounder

Sharad Sanghi India - Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Being a Managing Director of a leading global technology service company is as challenging as you can imagine, and then some. It is the role that everyone aspires for, with responsibilities that not many want to take up.

Having said that, Sharad exemplifies what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, to generate returns for all stakeholders, and be deeply connected in everything one does. A pioneer in the Indian cloud computing space, Sharad, with his keen telescopic vision, continues to help NTT’s India businesses to become a leading force in the technology services space. This includes leading the erstwhile Netmagic, now NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Ltd., a leader in the Datacenter market in India, to achieve newer heights.

Sharad’s zeal and commitment to deliver value to clients by building a customer focused service organization is infectious across the organisation. It is an ethos deeply engraved in the DNA of the 6500 strong team.

An industry veteran with over 30 years of extensive experience in developing Internet backbone infrastructure and providing Internet services, Sharad is also the Co-chairman of the Data Center Council of apex associations’ namely the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM).

Sharad, has an Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Bombay and a Master’s degree from Columbia University, New York. He is also the recipient of IIT Bombay’s Distinguished Alumnus Award 2021, a prestigious recognition conferred upon alumni for their outstanding achievements in the spheres of academia, industry, public service and social welfare.