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start up
United States - Watertown, MA
  • 17/10/2022
  • Series B
  • $112,000,000

Brain diseases are not “one-size-fits-all” - but the industry currently treats them that way. We are focused on conquering one of the greatest medical challenges of our generation: the global brain disease crisis.

Our proprietary toolbox of state-of-the-art neural network technologies is built to integrate multiple types of data across genomics, imaging, electroencephalogram (EEG), digital and clinical domains to create Data Biopsy Signatures™ that map the underlying disease mechanisms to Precision Phenotypes™ that identify distinct patient subtypes. Through this approach, we have the ability to develop and match the right therapeutic to the right patient populations for more targeted treatments.

Together, we are committed to creating a new era in modern precision medicine. Brain disease doesn’t wait. And neither will we.

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