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Mi Alma

start up
United States - Atlanta, Georgia
  • 02/05/2023
  • Pre-Seed
  • $1,500,000

Mi Alma reimagines how we remember all who have passed and offers a new type of collective support for anyone experiencing loss.

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Scott ArogetiCo Founder

Scott Arogeti United States - Atlanta, Georgia

Energetic, resourceful and resilient strategist who leverages business start-up and political experiences to support Founders in building and scaling companies.

Skilled in developing and executing go-to-market initiatives (including messaging, sales strategies/experience tactics, and customer discovery/introductions) along with recruiting/onboarding best practices to positively impact an organizations health.

A trusted advisor and skilled communicator, highly effective in cultivating, maintaining and growing personal and professional relationships to facilitate and drive revenue growth.

Grateful for the broad set of professional chapters and experiences life has provided me (both positive and challenging).