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BitFlow Finance

start up
United States - Mempool
  • 26/01/2024
  • Pre-Seed
  • $1,300,000

BitFlow is a decentralized exchange that removes malicious middlemen through smart contracts and decentralized liquidity pools, enabling Bitcoiners to trade and earn real yield while leveraging the security, capital, and network of Layer 1 Bitcoin.

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Dylan FloydCo Founder

Dylan Floyd United States - Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

I'm the CEO of BitFlow Labs (www.bitflow.finance), a software company building a decentralized exchange for Bitcoiners. Last year, bad actors like Celsius and FTX lost a staggering $12.7B of customer funds. At BitFlow, we are removing malicious middlemen from the equation, and replacing them with smart contracts that facilitate real savings growth based on open, secure, and permissionless trading activity in decentralized liquidity pools.

We often hear that Bitcoin is like digital gold, but it’s much more interesting to innovate around its properties as a decentralized, secure transaction settlement network. Via a “Proof of Transfer” consensus, the Stacks blockchain enables developers to build scalable decentralized apps, smart contracts, and new digital assets that are integrated with Bitcoin's security, capital, and network. There's no shortage of interesting projects in this space, and you can follow along / get updates from me @StacksDeveloper on Twitter.

2x Georgia Tech grad:
M.S. Computer Science '21 (specialization in Machine Learning)
B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering '17. (concentration in Economic & Financial Systems)
While enrolled, I had internships with the Georgia Tech Football team, PrimeRevenue, and AT&T.

At AT&T, I've worked as a full stack software engineering role to support FirstNet - a nationwide communications platform for first responders. I worked at AT&T full time throughout grad school. And since joining in 2017, I have worked with several business partners in different areas of the company with a wide range of responsibilities:

- Software Delivery Services - App Modernization & Cloud Migration
[DevOps Engineer]

- Video Engagement Insights Team
(HBO Max, AT&T TV, DirecTV)
[Role: Data Scientist]

- Fleet Ops, Dispatch Optimization Team
[Role: Machine Learning Engineer]

- Chief Data Office, Data Platforms Team
[Role: Platform Engineer]

- Network Cloud & Infrastructure Team
(IP Engineering)
[Role: Network Design Engineer / Software Engineer]