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start up
United States - Marlborough, MA
  • 24/03/2023
  • Series B
  • Undisclosed Amount

In 2014, a small team of engineers gathered in a Hong Kong high-rise. Working in space smaller than a standard shipping container, we created the next revolution in immersion cooling.

Meet LiquidStack, the world's largest liquid cooling provider for hyperscale, edge and high performance computing. The pioneers of 2-phase immersion cooling, LiquidStack holds multiple awards for building the world's most efficient data centers. Our cooling technology, products and services play a vital role in reducing energy consumption, cutting e-waste and massively lowering greenhouse emissions.

Formerly Allied Control Limited (ACL), the company was founded with the sole purpose of driving continued performance gains in computing through our breakthrough technology and unmatched experience deploying liquid cooled data centers at scale. While we embrace all forms of liquid cooling, 2-phase immersion outperforms the alternatives across every possible metric: heat rejection capacity, energy efficiency, water usage, space utilization, flexibility and positive, sustainable climate impact. Our goal is to do more than simply change minds. We aim to change the world for the better.

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Joe CapesFounder

Joe Capes United States - Greater Boston

A management executive with over 25 years of domestic and international expertise in corporate organizational management, strategic sales and marketing, business and product development, operational cost reduction, geographical expansion, start-ups, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions.

Specialties: Data Center Infrastructure,
Power & Cooling,
Energy & Renewables,
Professional Services