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start up
United States - Austin, Texas
  • 08/02/2024
  • Seed
  • $4,300,000

We are transforming the healthcare industry by creating personalized and affordable subscription plans to provide an exceptionally high-quality patient experience. Founded in 2021 by business-savvy Google and McKinsey alumni, Subscribili is a healthcare technology startup headquartered in the Silicon Valley of the South— Austin, Texas.

We're working to close the healthcare gap in the U.S. through customized subscription services. Many Americans don't have insurance (or don't have enough coverage); therefore, they forgo their care. Health conditions worsen while expensive ER visits continue to rise, but it doesn't have to be this way. Subscribili's advanced software allows patients and their loved ones to access subscriptions covering preventative care and reduced pricing on other treatments and services. Providers can use our products to manage their subscriptions, enroll new patients, and track metrics all in one place.

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Sudha VetriFounder

Sudha Vetri United States - Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area

Sudha Vetri is Founder and CEO of Subscribli, a company she founded to ensure all Americans routinely access high-quality, affordable preventative care and live longer happier lives.

Recent scientific developments have shown that oral health is essential in lowering inflammation that would otherwise contribute to cancer, Alzheimer's and many other diseases. Yet 100 million Americans, including millions of entrepreneurs, small business owners and employees of small companies, do not use dental insurance and skip the routine preventative appointments we know would improve their quality of life.

That’s why we’ve started by transforming the dental industry, where Subscribli’s subscription platform enables providers to offer affordable, easy-to-manage subscription plans focused on proactive care.

Join us on this important mission and find out more at Subscribli.com

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