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start up
United States - Denver, Colorado
  • 03/08/2022
  • Series A
  • $13,000,000

Keyavi solves today's cybersecurity problems by making data self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware, so that it can protect itself immediately, no matter where it is or who is attempting access.

Related People

Elliot LewisCo Founder

Elliot Lewis United States - San Marcos, California

Elliot Lewis is a cybersecurity industry expert, published author and recognized data protection authority with over 25 years of experience. Elliot acquired broad experience being Senior Security Architect at Microsoft; Director of Strategic Services at Cisco; CISO at Merrill Lynch; Chief Security Architect at Dell; VP of Security, Risk and Compliance at Info-Tech Research Group; and currently CEO and chief architect at Encryptics. He studied computer science at Northeastern University and is a patent holder and co-inventor of 5 Network Security Patents for Microsoft and Dell Corporation. Elliot has been leading the charge for the last several years to make data self-aware and self-protecting and render data breaches irrelevant.

Career Highlights Include:

Encryptics, CEO and Chief Architect, delivering new technology for data to defend itself by being self-aware and self-protecting and to make access, control and revocation decisions based on policies set by the owner, allowing the owner to revoke and retrieve data after the data has left the owner’s possession.

Info-Tech Research Group, Vice President, Security, Risk and Compliance Research Group in charge of all Security Tech Research.

Dell Corporation, Chief Security Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO in charge of all pan-Dell security products, service and operational strategy and integrated architecture across all divisions of Dell.

Merrill Lynch, Chief Information Security Officer in charge of worldwide information security management strategy, personnel and operations.

Cisco Systems, Director of Strategic Services, Security and Identity in charge of development, creation, and incubation of new $1B+ business lines for Cisco Services in Security and Identity space.

Microsoft, Senior Security Architect, Security Center of Excellence & Sr. Program Manager of Secure Network Team in Windows at Microsoft.

Patent-holder and co-inventor of 5 Network Security Patents for Microsoft and Dell Corporation & Published Author for Microsoft and Syngress.