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start up
United States - San Diego, California
  • 22/09/2023
  • Seed
  • $5,400,000

Katalys lives at the intersection of performance marketing, technology, content, and commerce.

Our vision is to change how commerce is transacted on the internet while empowering the world’s greatest brands and publishers to accelerate growth through Omniwin partnerships.

With Katalys, publishers can access better affiliate monetization tools, and brands are empowered with their first-party data without changing their existing business models.

Our company has built a world-class culture that is inclusive, rewarding, and driven by the collectivist ideal that when one team member succeeds, we all succeed.

Do you want to become a key member in helping us drive the future of commerce media? Visit Katalys.com

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Jason BrettCo Founder

Jason Brett United States - Encinitas, California

Jason Brett is a seasoned leader with a passion for building and accelerating businesses in high-growth industries like eCommerce, media, and disruptive technologies. He has a natural ability to spot trends early and move quickly, and has a talent for leading high-performing teams. Jason is a strong believer in empowering top talent to create cultures of growth and success within organizations.