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Funding Round Profile

KAID Health

start up
United States - Boston, Massachusetts
  • 24/05/2022
  • Series A
  • $6,450,000

KAID Health makes care delivery more efficient, effective, and profitable for providers and their payers and Accountable Care Organization partners. Its Whole Chart Analysis platform extracts all relevant data from electronic medical records, including structured data and text, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The solution identifies the patient care interventions needed for providers to achieve their clinical, financial, or operational objectives. In parallel, KAID Health extends to payers a comprehensive view of members’ health by combining claims and EMR data. Today, KAID Health’s technology is used by leading providers, health systems, academic medical centers, and payers to automate a variety of workflows, including coding accuracy, quality measurement, prior authorization support, and pre-operative assessment.

The company was founded by a veteran team of healthcare information technology and population health innovators. It is based in Boston, MA.

Related People

Kevin AgatsteinFounder

Kevin Agatstein United States - Boston, Massachusetts

As owner of Agate Consulting, and a former member of McKinsey & Company’s Payer/Provider Practice and prior to that Arthur Andersen’s Healthcare Practice, Kevin Agatstein brings clients ten years of US and overseas healthcare consulting experience. With these firms, Kevin has served Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Geisinger Health System, the Bermudian Ministry of Health (Bermuda), and Seoul National University Medical Center (South Korea), among others.

Before founding Agate, Kevin designed a consumer-oriented mobile pharmacy management platform now marketed as emWellics® by the company RxEOB. Prior to RxEOB, Kevin helped build CareKey, Inc., a market leading medical management application suite employed today by some of the largest payers in the US. While at CareKey Kevin was responsible for strategy & planning, business development, marketing, and general corporate operations. CareKey was sold to its long-time channel partner The TriZetto Group (TZIX) in December, 2005 for $100M.

Kevin holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and was a researcher and project manager at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Additionally, Kevin completed McKinsey & Company’s mini-MBA program. Kevin is a published author in strategy, marketing, and organizational design, and speaks at healthcare and mHealth conferences.