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Innovapptive Inc

start up
United States - Houston, Texas
  • 08/05/2023
  • Series B
  • Undisclosed Amount

Innovapptive offers a cloud-based "Mobile First" Software for the office of the COO. More than 50+ of the world’s leading companies have transformed their Enterprise Asset Management, Field Data Capture, and Inventory Management processes with Innovapptive. Our customers include Shell, Hess, Par Pacific, Dominion Energy, Sask Power, Rio Tinto, Newmont Mining, EDF Renewables, Air Gas, AkzoNobel, DuPont, and many more.

Innovapptive's connected worker platform uniquely brings maintenance, operations and supply chain workers together. On a single, unified and a patented Low-Code/No-Code platform, Front-line workers are empowered with reconfigurable "Mobile First Apps" to support enterprise asset management use cases such as operator rounds, work order management, safety inspections/checklists, work instructions and inventory management. Similarly, the back-office is empowered with apps to plan, schedule, and gain actionable insights on real-time execution, coupled with articificial intelligence, machine learnning and natural language processing features to make predictable recommendations.

Front-line workers across maintennace, operatons and supply chain struggle to communicate and collaborate with each other in a paper based process or by choosing a "Point" Nichle Mobile Application. A unified, "Mobile First" Connected Worker platform allows for seamless execution and collaboration between work identification, work execution, work capture, inventory management, and work management processes by bringing maintenance, operations and supply chain together. Enterprises have led to believe that they have two choices: Pick an application that is a "Point" field data capture solution and/or pick a "Point" Mobile Enterprise Asset Management and Inventory Management solution. Unlike these alternatives, Innovapptive combines best of both world's on a single unified platform to deliver measurable results with improvements in productivity, safety, compliance, and downtime

Related People

Sundeep RavandeFounder

Sundeep Ravande United States - Houston, Texas

Sundeep V. Ravande is the CEO of Innovapptive Inc. and believes in a better way of running plant based operations. Most enterprises are experiencing shrinking profit margins, safety challenges, & lost revenue opportunities due to unplanned downtime, and tribal knowledge disappearing with a rapidly aging workforce. For the last 40+ years, maintenance & operations continue to be a set of tedious, linear steps—slow, paper based, inaccurate and highly inefficient. By bringing industrial 🏭 front-line workers, back-office and assets digitally together, - front line workers are able to get jobs done faster, better, cheaper and safer. Sundeep believes in a world where deskless work can be done faster, cheaper and safer by delivering a "Connected Worker" experience for 350 million field workers across the globe.

Prior to co-founding Innovapptive Inc, Sundeep worked with several Big 5 consulting firms, such as IBM & Accenture, serving several Fortune 500 clients such as Verizon, Shell, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Coca-Cola, and FMC Corporation to help them re-invent and re-imagine their business operations with digital technologies. Sundeep received a master of science degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering from the University of Mississippi.