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United Kingdom - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
  • 19/01/2024
  • Unknown
  • $2,854,000

How do you decarbonise an industry which moves across vast oceans for 330 days a year, uses 200Mn tonnes of diesel fuel a year, and requires its fleet to be operational for +30 years?

Where fuel needs to be available, cost-effective, and compatible with existing and future technology whilst remaining compliant.

It’s a big challenge and a complex one at that!

As consumers become increasingly climate aware, it’s no surprise that shipping industry customers are demanding a transition to low-carbon fuels. As it stands, existing suppliers cannot scale. Although shipping and long-haul transportation only contribute around 3% of transportation carbon emissions, they provide a critical service and are the foundations on which global trade exists.

As measures are introduced to reduce unnecessary transport carbon missions, the rich and wanderlust may find it an inconvenience if they can no longer travel on a whim - but stop shipping, and food doesn’t reach those that need it the most.

Basic human commodities that need to flow, won’t.
At HutanBio we believe we have the answer and are on a mission to prove that Mother Nature does indeed hold the answers.

10 years of painstakingly thorough scientific research, long hours, and personal sacrifice. Seven relentless years on a floating lab, battling impossible heat and sea sickness, dredging the sea for samples to get to the point where there is a viable commercial opportunity to scale.

Over a Trillion sample colonies scrutinised; whittled down to just 80.

It’s a mission fuelled by a powerful belief, a dogged determination to set right the wrongs of humanity, and to show through scientific data that micro-biodiversity holds the key to unlocking the climate crisis.

It has resulted in the discovery of a new genus; an entire family of microorganism, new to Science.

We call it HBx

Our next step is to ‘green’ the desert with our marine microalgal production platform and produce low-cost, carbon-negative biofuel at SCALE.

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