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Humanly (humanly.io)

start up
United States - Seattle, WA
  • 19/06/2023
  • Unknown
  • $12,000,000

The future of work for high-volume hiring and retention is changing rapidly. We know automation is part of the equation — yet it is not enough. This is why we believe direct candidate and employee conversations anchored in efficacy, equity, and empathy are the new gateway to measure people and business performance.

At each stage of the candidate and employee lifecycle, Humanly.io's conversational AI bridges automated interactions, voice technology, and integrated systems. And through innovation, commitment, and fairness, Humanly.io guides hiring teams, candidates, and employees to achieve their success — ultimately hiring the most qualified, diverse applicant pool.

So ask yourself, what’s humanly possible for your hiring process?

* Humanly Chat for Screen & Schedule
* Humanly Chat for Re-Engage & Schedule
* Humanly Chat for Reference Checks

* Humanly Voice for Candidate Interview Analytics

Today, Humanly ranks as one of best AI recruiting, HR chatbots, and DEI-enabling tools — driven by a focus on UX design and a diverse team.

Co-headquartered in Seattle WA and Sacramento CA, Humanly is backed by leading investors including Zeal Capital Partners, Spark Growth Ventures, Moneta Ventures, Basecamp Fund. Y Combinator, Liquid 2 Ventures, Tres Monos Capital, and TMD Ventures.

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