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start up
United States - Seattle, Washington
  • 19/05/2023
  • Unknown
  • $3,500,000

Groopit is an entirely new category of enterprise SaaS called #crowdsolving. Now a crowd of employees can solve specific problems by sharing real-time data in Slack, Teams, Salesforce, mobile, and more.

Outsmart competitors with real-time competitive intel. Build outstanding products with real-time product feedback. Accelerate growth with real-time sales insights. The possibilities are endless. Groopit transforms decisions with high-quality, quantitative data from employees.

Groopit will
- Simplify sharing to 3 taps and less than 1 minute
- Streamline sharing in Slack, Teams, Salesforce, more
- Aggregate data shared across channels
- Deliver actionable insights in a lightweight feed
- Deliver big picture views that empower everyone involved to make better, faster decisions.
- Integrate data into existing enterprise systems like Tableau, PowerBI and more.

To learn more or to watch a quick demo, visit the Groopit website.

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Tammy SavageCo Founder

Tammy Savage United States - Seattle, Washington

Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO and Co-founder, became obsessed with understanding what leaders need to make progress. She used her own corporate leadership experience, studied leaders trying to solve complex problems, identified technology gaps and founded Groopit. Groopit replaces the time-consuming, manual process of ad-hoc data gathering so that leaders can get real-time data from the frontlines. It's the #crowdsolving solution for leaders to accelerate progress.