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Glacis Labs

start up
United States - ND
  • 14/05/2024
  • Seed
  • $2,000,000

Glacis is a middle-ware protocol for developers to manage cross chain messages/bridging with fine grained controls. It was built to help standardize messaging, avoid vendor lock in and single bridge failures, adding redundancy and fail over in case of outages or issues, retry attempts and access controls.

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πŸ”‘ Jacob BlishFounder

πŸ”‘ Jacob Blish United States - New York City Metropolitan Area

I am a data-driven problem solver that adds structure to ambiguity while keeping the needs of the customer in mind. I am at home when taking on the less prestigious tasks that often languish unfinished yet have the potential for meaningful business impact. I have always found myself jumping in head first to fix any problem in front of me, learning new skills on the fly in order to achieve my goals.

Faced with obstacles at the frontier of knowledge and technology, I thrive. I love implementing modern, technologically integrated solutions to complex problems. Put succinctly, I enjoy interesting challenges where the work I deliver enables real impact.

In previous roles I have:

- Designed token systems which generated over $100 million in network value by defining the economic incentives to optimize positive user behavior while also protecting user’s data at ConsenSys. Recognizing an issue with long-term adoption of these systems, my team pivoted to digital identity where our groundwork helped shape global standards being co-developed by Microsoft, IBM, WorkDay and hundreds of other companies around the globe.

- Lowered quarterly reporting time by two-thirds, from 21 to 6 days, through the implementation of new reporting metrics, restructuring how the consumer side of JP Morgan identified customers, and redefining the channels through which they accessed those properties.

- Drove conversion from <0.1% to ~1.0% in less than a year for a coffee of the month SaaS company by streamlining customer service operations and helping optimize website for mobile users.

- Increased sales at an e-commerce athletic apparel company from a daily average of <$1,000 to over $25,000 a day, surpassing $500,000 in profit in less than 6 months.

- As a co-founder, brought an energy drink from concept to market and landed contracts with Wegmans, the major regional grocer, and over 500 regional stores.

These facially unrelated roles are connected by a few common threads: problem solving for the customer, timely and efficient task completion, and utilizing progressive business metrics to create real impact for these companies in a meaningful way.

My ideal workplace is one that values authenticity, fun, continuous change, independence, and moral fulfillment.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my family, powerlifting, reading, anything to do with the outdoors and occasionally laying on the ground and just looking up.

Please feel free to reach out with interesting opportunities.