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start up
United Kingdom - Newcastle upon Tyne, England,
  • 14/05/2024
  • Seed
  • $1,631,441

GigPig is the fastest growing music and live entertainment marketplace in the UK.

Our platform is the new way for hospitality venues to book live entertainment and discover new artists.

Empowering venues to take their bookings in house, enabling them to see and listen to the artists before booking whilst managing the entire process of putting on live performances end-to-end. From communication to promotion, all the way through to payment.

Always free to the artist, we are democratising the way artists get booked.

Venues pay way less for bringing live music to their venues with up to a 90% saving on traditional booking methods.

Rebuilding the live music scene one great gig at a time.

Supporting venues and artists all the way. That’s us. That’s GigPig.

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Michael ForsterFounder

Michael Forster United States - ND

With more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment business, I have managed, represented, and promoted a diverse range of artists at all levels of the industry.

As the CEO of GigPig UK, an industry disruptor, I lead a team of passionate and creative professionals who are committed to empowering artists and placing them at the forefront of their own careers. We provide innovative and personalised solutions for artists to navigate the industry and create a brand new artist economy. My areas of expertise include artist management and development, music agency innovation, and music project management. I am also the manager of Future Humans.