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Funding Round Profile

Freight Tiger

start up
India - Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 23/10/2023
  • Unknown
  • $18,042,000

What we’re trying to achieve:
We are building logistics infrastructure to transform commerce.

How we do it:
We’ve built an intelligent operating system that includes a technology platform, an on ground control tower, and a digital freight network. Together, they streamline every step of the logistics process. TMS and visibility platforms provide much-required tracking and E2E digitization, which harness efficiencies and reduce waste. The control tower solves exceptions live and proactively. The digital freight network builds transparent price discovery, provides access to nationwide transporters and optimizes freight flows to reduce empty miles. This combination has made Freight Tiger India’s largest and rapidly growing freight network today. With our help, enterprise customers across industries are able to move material to their customers with full visibility, predictability and speed, all at lower cost. Even SMEs (including transport companies) that had limited infrastructure and reach are now able to swiftly expand into new markets.

Why we’re the only ones who can do it...
…because we’ve taken a systems approach. For more established shippers, our end-to-end effectiveness changes logistics from a painful cost center to a competitive advantage. We even offer “freight as a service”, where more and more customers are asking us to completely take logistics off their hands so they can breathe easy and focus on their core. For SMEs and transport companies, we fundamentally change the business landscape by catalyzing growth in ways previously impossible. Our neutrality ensures that we create economic value for everyone in the ecosystem - by making the entire supply chain more competitive, we’re well on our way to making a GDP-level impact!

Related People

Swapnil ShahFounder

Swapnil Shah India - Mumbai, Maharashtra

I grew up in Kolhapur, India around construction sites and cast iron foundries. These tough industries intrigued me, so I spent about a decade in materials science research, getting an undergraduate degree in Metallurgy in Pune and an MS in Materials Science from the University of Tennessee. I spent a lot of time in the American Deep South, working in logistics and manufacturing businesses and implementing the Toyota Production System in conservative states like Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. This was a fascinating experience for me - I learned how to build strong relationships with people completely different from myself and rally them to arrive at a common understanding. Along the way, I also got an MBA from Harvard.

When I was ready to come back to India, I stuck with doing what engages me most - solving hard problems. Even though none of my previous experiences fully prepared me for entrepreneurship, I took the leap to build a tech platform to transform commerce through logistics. I’ve been working on Freight Tiger since for the last few years, and am loving building products in an industry that has GDP-level impact.

From the shop floor of a steel company, to materials research at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, to working on some of the biggest earthmoving equipment at Caterpillar, to helping one of the largest PE funds turn around a global manufacturing business - it’s been an amazing ride. You can literally track accents from all these places when you meet me.

Today, Freight Tiger is India’s largest and only software-enabled neutral freight network. Our 400+ customers include India’s largest manufacturers such as Saint Gobain, CEAT, and JSW Steel. We’re rapidly moving towards our goal of helping India reduce logistics costs from 14% to under 10% of GDP, which will catapult the country towards having the $5tn economy it deserves.