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Aliro Quantum

start up
United States - Boston, MA
  • 27/10/2023
  • Unknown
  • Undisclosed Amount

Aliro Quantum, The Quantum Networking Company™, offers AliroNet™ to emulate, pilot, and deploy entanglement-based quantum networks that are capable of running a wide variety of applications from secure communications to clustered quantum computing and distributed quantum sensing. Aliro, spun out of NarangLab at Harvard University, includes world-class experts in quantum and classical networking and is leading the charge in quantum network development by offering the foundational technologies needed for organizations around the world to build scalable and powerful distributed quantum systems. AliroNet™ users include utility companies, telecommunications providers, public sector organizations, enterprises, and researchers who are simulating, designing, piloting, orchestrating, and building the world's first entanglement-based quantum networks.

Aliro also works with industry and academic partners through the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), the NSF Center for Quantum Networks (CQN), and the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks (HQAN). Additionally, Aliro is involved in several quantum networking standards groups at IEEE and QED-C.

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Jim RicottaFounder

Jim Ricotta United States - Greater Boston

Experienced high-growth company CEO, board member, and Fortune 500 division GM. CEO of five venture-backed companies that produced exits exceeding $1 Billion. Raised venture funding at a variety of stages, successfully recruited and lead management teams, brought products and services to market, acquired customers and grew revenue. Launched companies and product lines in new spaces. Successfully sold emerging networking businesses to Cisco and IBM for a total of $1 Billion.

Won Emmy Award for outstanding engineering achievement in developing Avid's digital editing system.

Specialties: General Management, Product Management, M&AGreater Boston