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start up
Israel - Ramat Gan
  • 22/02/2024
  • Series A
  • $12,000,000

Faddom provides the first-ever frictionless application observability platform for the secure era. With its extremely simple-to-deploy technology, Faddom enables real-time dynamic dependency mapping for complex on-prem and cloud topologies (“cloud smart”), enabling cybersecurity and IT departments of all types to be in control of their business applications.

Why? Cybersecurity used to be merely one part of IT. Now, IT functions fall under the ever-increasing domain of cybersecurity. We map and visualize application dependencies in hybrid environments so cybersecurity teams can fully understand and protect their IT infrastructures. We assist with investigating lateral movement, identifying traffic anomalies, seeing user access, and doing vulnerability (CVEs) detection.

Our agentless application dependency mapping software visualizes your on-premise and cloud infrastructure with continuous, automatic updates in as little as 60 minutes, allowing you to see all your servers and applications and how they are connected to each other in real time. Faddom is downloadable, self-service software that is intuitive and low touch. Users will typically receive actionable insights within one day.

We fill the gap in the small and medium enterprises market across diverse sectors ranging from banking to education to government. We empower hands-on professionals to be proactive when doing asset discovery, change management, migrations, cost optimization, and other IT tasks that have now become integral parts of cybersecurity.

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Lanir ShachamFounder

Lanir Shacham Israel - ND

Founding new tech companies for Enterprise Software is my specialty:
- Assemble and nurture a great team
- Early stage funding to growth late stage
- One design partner to hundreds of enterprise customers
- MVP to Enterprise grade product
- Low level kernel engineering to AI/ML and BigData
- One advisory board to a long list of shareholders and board members of the worlds largest VCs

I love my family and friends, surfing waves and martial arts, and try to get of each as much as possible!