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start up
United States - Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area
  • 23/04/2024
  • Seed
  • $20,000,000

Exowatt is a next generation renewable energy company offering commercial and industrial customers a modular full-stack energy solution that can provide dispatchable power and heat for up to 24 hours per day, specifically designed to meet the needs of energy-intensive applications such as data centers. Our mission is clear, to make sustainable renewable energy always available and almost free.

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Hannan P.Co Founder

Hannan P. United States - Miami, Florida

Passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, envisioning the future and making it a reality. I love dreaming, envisioning, designing, and building new products.

Currently, I'm working on realizing the mission of Exowatt a next-gen renewable energy startup working towards the goal of providing dispatchable renewable energy for as low as $0.01 kWhe.

I also like to help the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their dreams by investing in their companies and advising them whenever I can be helpful.